Fraser Waters Digital Ltd.

I make stuff for the web I speak human, not robot, and I keep it simple for you

Life should be in plain English, not full of jargon or buzz words to scare you.
I keep stuff simple…

Web design and development is simple, as long as you work with someone who knows what they are talking about.

Hi, I'm Fraser and I make stuff for the web. I'm an ordinary bloke that likes doing things. I do bloke stuff ; I do family stuff; I do stuff for others and I want to help you do stuff too. I speak human not robot. I listen. I advise. I drink tea. T'internet and web design can seem complicated but I make it simple for you.

Chat to me about stuff

I do stuff for people and businesses. Maybe I can do stuff for you too.

  1. 1 Chatty meeting stuff (Consultation and planning)

    Most of the time it pays dividends to have a quick chat early on in a project to see what I can bring to the party.

  2. 2 Planning stuff (Wireframing and site architecture)

    It's all about the preparation. Without a plan stuff never gets done.

  3. 3 Pictures and stuff (Design and Development)

    I only use award winning designers and highly accomplished developers (and myself).

  4. 4 Whooshy stuff (Rich Media)

    Html5, CSS3, action script, video, photography, audio it's all part and parcel of the stuff we do.

  5. 5 Geeky stuff (HTML, CSS, etc…)

    If you don't know what that stuff is don't worry, that's my job and it has been since I started way back in 1999.

  6. 6 Customer stuff (Service)

    Without Service i'd have no customers, let alone the fantastic customers that I have.

Chatty meeting stuff (Consultation and planning)

If you've got an idea, a problem, an opportunity and you need some advice, hand holding or proper grown up business consultancy then give me a shout. Consultancy clients include RSA Opening minds, NoTosh, Digital Agency and CES.

Planning stuff (Wireframing and site architecture)

It's all about process. No process means no structure which means no direction and no hope of getting the project in on time or on budget. StandardLife have benefitted from my planing expertise on their latest key project, a web based benefit management tool – LifeLens.

Pictures and stuff (Design and Development)

My designers (they're not really mine i'd have to pay them a wage for that) are top notch award winning people, brands such as Tennants, IrnBru, Wisemans, RegVardy have all benefitted from their skills and because they are experienced they know exactly how to get the best out of your brand and content. The developers I use (including myself) are all highly talented, mature and professional and given enough caffeine at regular intervals can do wonderful stuff.

Whooshy stuff (Rich Media)

Current trends in websites have led us back to the early days of web design where things moved, flashed, bleeped and generally slowed stuff down BUT this time around we know how to optimise this stuff so it doesn't take a week to load. I draw the line at wee men digging holes for site under construction though.

Geeky stuff (HTML, CSS, etc…)

I know my stuff, my developers know my stuff and then some. Great geeks doing great work who occasionally see daylight too.

Customer stuff (Service)

My customers come back to me year in year out and my Customer service is what wins me work. Apparently i'm a nice bloke, one that doesn't confess to knowing everything or getting everything right all the time. Meet me for a cup of tea and make your own mind up. If you're nice too i might even pick up the tab.

I'm happy to meet up over a brew
and have a chat about stuff.

In my years I've seen and learnt a lot, but I do understand that I may not have all the answers. If this is the case, my little black book is like the who's who of digital and technology, so if I'm not able to help, I'll know someone who can. Just in case you think all this comes at an exorbitant price, it doesn't have to, as I once said to a client, "I don't do cheap, I do affordable." Give me a budget however big and between us we can work it out.

Let's talk about stuff

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Don't worry if you've never used any of this 'Social Media' stuff before, we can help with that too. Social media is your friend and it's not scary, not even a little.

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